My name is Jaliya


Welcome to Wild Honey


My inspiration for this project came from craving more creativity in my life, and with the uncertainty surrounding COVID, I decided there was no better time than now to create something for myself.
I had a handful of projects that I wanted to start, and was inspired by makers online who were creating fun jewelry from polymer clay. So while I was in the Yukon for the summer, I planned out my projects, and gathered ideas, so that when I came home I had something to land on.

And now my design process is being fueled by finding happiness amidst the weird times we’re living in. I live in a cozy offgrid mountain cabin near Nelson BC with my partner and puppy. Living and creating offgrid has its quirks but I am learning as I go, which is an adventure in itself.

My business is entirely offgrid, our power supply is solar and a generator, and woodfire!

My intention with Wild Honey is to nurture a creative outlet, which hopefully in time will unfold into other exciting projects.

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